Thursday, September 12, 2013

Overlay Card

I started this card using the chevron overlay that was in the kit. My wonderful cat decided he wanted to help trim it down to size and he doesn't use the trimmer well. So I pulled out a piece from my overlay stash and created the card base. The only thing to keep in mind when using any overlay to create a card is anything you put on the front will show through to the back. I trimmed my paper piece down to 3x4.25 and the red border is a sticker from the kit. I didn't cover it on the otherside so it's just a white scallop border. I hand cut the heart from my favorite paper in the kit and added the you.  For the area on the inside to write I cut up the baggie the embellishments came in so lots of nice journaling lines. I added another piece to the back and a label sticker to write "created by Ann"  a quick and fun card for my anniversary coming up next month.

Thanks for stopping by! <3 Ann

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