Sunday, June 23, 2013

May 2013 Challenge Winner!

I used to chose the winner for the May 2013 layout challenge because I couldn't have picked a favorite if I tried. Congrats Stacia! (We didn't have any card entries for May so we only have one winner.)

Please send your shipping information to Holly{AT}scrapbookingsuppliesrus{DOT}com! Don't forget to enter the June 2013 Challenges for a chance to win a sampling of goodies from The Sampler.


  1. yay!!! Thanks for picking me!!! Do you have a blinkie I can put on my blog for a winner??

  2. Stacia, We don't have blinkies for winners but you are more than welcome to grab the winner's graphic in this post for your blog.

  3. Great Heather! I will link it to your site on my blog :)