Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fuzzy Snowflake Tutorial!

hi everybody!  Shaunna here, stopping in to share a quick tutorial with you on how to make a snowflake out of pipe cleaners.  maybe it's been done, but i thought it was too easy to pass up trying - and i ended up with a great embellishment for a page i just created using this month's kit :)

all you need are 3-4 pipe cleaners (depending on the size of your snowflake!  bigger flakes will use more pipe cleaners!)  the snowflake i made for this example works out to about 3" when complete.

i started out by cutting two of the pipe cleaners into four 3" lengths, and then cut six 1" pieces from the remaining pipe cleaners.  (in the photo, it only shows three 1" pieces, this is because i did this tutorial at 2AM and my brain wasn't functioning on all cylinders!)

i took two of the 3" pieces and twisted them together, across once and then back, to form a "T", like this:

next, i formed the arms upward (starting to look like a snowflake!):

i added another 3" piece right underneath the first in the same way, and formed the arms:

finally, i twisted the 1" pieces around the ends of each "arm" and formed them into "V's" as well, to make a simple snowflake shape:

before adding it to my page, i added a pearly white button and a piece of snowflake confetti i had in my stash to give it a little extra something.  i used a pop dot on the confetti to give it more visual interest and dimension.

then i created this page using our December kit, with the snowflake in mind :)

i added one of the Studio Calico dots to the center of the snowflake to finish it off and tie it in with the rest of the page. 

i used this sketch from PageMaps (March 2012) to complete my project:


i hope that you liked this tutorial, and that it inspires you to create some snowflakes of your own!  please share in the comments if you do - i would love to see how you use this in your work :)

thanks for coming by today!!

shaunnaRooskie :D