Thursday, October 4, 2012

a quick, fun little project!

hi all!  Shaunna again, and this week i want to share a fun little project with you that i have gotten hooked on recently.  i decided to make one to wrap up the September kit and show off the technique for you if you haven't seen it already.

it's a cute little photo wallet with hidden pockets!!!  i really love this design - it only takes about 5 minutes or so to assemble (and then whatever time you spend embellishing it) and it would make a really great little gift for someone you don't know what else to give.  this one is actually making it's way to my husband's grandmother for her birthday, after i stuff it full of pics :)

the original idea is not mine, however, i was inspired by this video from stampingholly on YouTube:

it's so simple and addicting (to be honest!)  we even made one of these for a photo project that accompanied an essay we recently did in our homeschool English class, and it was so easy that even my 13-year old stepdaughter enjoyed it.  i have also made several others from random scraps for practice that will eventually turn into nice little projects as well.  the best part is that you only need ONE sheet of 12x12 to make this, along with any additional scraps or embellishments you'd like to use to snazz it up a bit.

here are a couple more pictures of mine, using The Sampler's September kit "Flying High":

(opposite side)

(opened up)

(back side, with additional pockets)

(front view, with pockets expanded)

(back view, with pockets expanded)

this turned out really great, and will hold six 4 3/4 x 2 3/4 cards, photos, or whatever you like!  this would also be a great gift for someone who collects a lot of business cards or trading cards because they will fit perfectly.  of course, you could always add more than 6 things - there is definitely plenty of room inside all the pockets to squeeze in multiple items.

i hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as i have and that it inspires you to create something fun!  if you haven't stopped by the Scrapbooking Supplies R Us store yet and checked out our new kit, "Warm", get your tail over there and do it!  and buy one while you're there!  it's really an amazing kit full of all sorts of fall goodies and i'm really excited to share my projects from it with you :)

thanks for coming by today, and don't forget to stop by and see what's new each day!

peace, love and stickers -
shaunnaRooskie :)


  1. This is amazing! What a great idea! Love how you embellished it.

  2. This is very clever, especially as no glue is required (other than for decorating) TFS