Monday, September 10, 2012

for the perpetual list maker...

HI ALL! Holly here to share a new mini album I've been working on with the Sept2012 kit! I don't know about yall, but I am a TOTAL LIST MAKER! They are everywhere and not always fun lists... mostly they make me do chores and/or buy groceries. BUT, I have seen a number of fun lists on blogs I read with GREAT topics such as "things to do before 30" or "things my cat does". So, now its my turn...

This album was quick and a total stash buster. While the majority of my inards are from the Sept2012 kit, I was able to use odd sized hunks of scrap paper and left over paper bits from kits from other months. YAY!

I used a CoverAll from Bind-it-All as my base. A little washi and paper later, my cover was simple and DONE!  I like keeping the covers to my mini albums simple. ESPECIALLY the ones I might carry with me to work on. Like this one. I can capture moments as they happen or, in this case, lists as my brain dreams junk up!

Here I am showing you a sloppy desk and a few of the pages of my album. About a 1/3rd of the interior pages are graph paper from an old art journal i needed to clean some space out of. a few little trims and both albums got something they needed.

Now, onto the lists themselves!

DOODLES! ok. not super trendy and more but i LOVE doodling. Having a few handy lists laying around never hurts to encourage ideas from time to time...

When I was making this album I was thinking of things I don't often do. We don't watch a whole lot of TV around the house here, but I got to thinking that we've been watching a good deal of television shows thanks to Netflix and our laptops... Not only that, but there are shows/series I really like these days, which is totally unusual. Thus, a list. :D

One thing so many of us are totally addicted to is WASHI TAPES! So, who says that lists have to have words? Not me! I listed a SHORT sampling of my washi tape collection...

Lastly (for now), isn't a list, but its definitely on THE LIST. The one that is always going in my heart and encourages me to do more with my life.

Ok, thats all for today! More pages to share as the month continues! Happy list making!


  1. Super cute mini!
    Love your washi list :)

  2. love this. the simplicity of the cover is something i need to lift...and the lists are fabulous. i love the washi list, the doodle list..... where is the list of things you need to bring to my house. lol