Thursday, August 23, 2012

August cards!

hi everyone, it's Shaunna again!

okay, let me just say first, i am on day 4 of week one of homeschooling and i am exhausted.  hence the late post for today!  i have so much respect for all you ladies out there (and dudes!) that pour your hearts into giving your kids an education at home... i know everyone's been saying it's rough at first, but i'm one of those super-organized-should-have-probably-been-a-teacher-anyway people so i'm doing like Extreme Homeschool over here!  i'm sure we'll get into a groove soon enough, though ;)

anyway, sharing a few cards today that i made with this month's kit.  i just want to say that i really think this kit totally lends itself to cards, with all the different elements... but my partners in crime have made some pretty amazing layouts with it as well, so i've been working on one of my own based on this month's sketch.  be on the lookout for that and a tutorial next week ;)

here's what i have today!  i love these cards!

i especially love the second one!  it's a mini, so tiny and cute, and just a little masculine!

if you really love my cards or any of the other projects from the Design Team this month... you should definitely make your way over to Scrapbooking Supplies R Us ASAP to snag a kit for yourself or pick up any other supplies you might be running out of or wanting for your collection ;)

we've got some exciting things coming up this month and next month - be sure to come back and visit often for the latest Sampler news and inspiration!

back to grading and lesson plans for me!  have a great night -

peace, love and stickers -

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