Thursday, July 5, 2012

trash to treasure project

hi everyone!  Shaunna here.  today i'm going to share a project with you that started out as something else entirely and ended with this lovely Thank You card:

i'm actually pretty impressed - and i managed to whip this together from odds and ends leftover from the original project i started with!  so i'm doubly impressed with myself this week!

my initial idea was to use the crab stamp set from Technique Tuesday that was included in June's kit to create an image inside a bubble, with the bubble being made out of recycled plastic packaging from stickers.... i guess it may be easier than i was trying to make it but for some reason i always ended up being pretty disappointed with the results.  i was trying to stamp the image onto a cardstock circle, cut out plastic to fit over, pour glitter in and then add glue around the edges of the circle to adhere the plastic to the cardstock and make a fun "bubble" effect to use on a card... it just never worked out the way i wanted it to.  glue smears, glitter messes, and disappointment in my stamping skills... and then in the midst of a frenzy the stamp set completely disappeared and i couldn't find it anywhere. :(

so, after taking a 24-hour break and clearing my mind, i went back in and looked over the aftermath, and decided to use the pieces (plus some other stuff from the June kit!) to make something entirely different instead of just scrapping it all and throwing it away like i usually do!  that was a big step for me, i tend to shy away from creating something or even cutting into paper if i'm not absolutely sure of the idea.  it was really refreshing to create something out of the mess i made!

and, the July kit is now available in the Scrapbooking Supplies R Us store - "Summer Camp" - SO many cute things in this kit!!!  go check it out and grab one while you're there!  i'm so excited to share the projects that i will be creating with it throughout this month.  please stop back by and see what our other designers come up with to inspire you as well, and don't forget about our challenges that are still going on through the 19th!  

peace, love and stickers -

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