Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Scoops Simple Mini Tutorial

hi there!  shaunna here :)  today i'd like to share a quick little mini album i've worked on for the past few days.  i took step by step photos so you can make your own, if you'd like :)  the idea is not something i came up with on my own, but rather compiled from various DIY mini albums i've seen all over the internet.  i hope you enjoy it!

before we get started, you will need the following supplies:

* a piece of chipboard/light cardboard the height you want your book to be (mine is 4"), and at least width + 1" to be able to make a spine piece.
* a piece of transparency the size you want your cover (the size of your book).  alternatively you could replace this with chipboard or any other material of your choosing.
* patterned paper, 8.5"x4" or (cover+cover+spine) size, as many sheets as you'd like.  i only used four sheets so that i could include more chunky embellishments in my book.
* additional patterned paper for covering chipboard and spine binding.
* good adhesive
* scorer, optional, but handy for this project

first off, you need to cut down your chipboard and transparency to make the covers and spine of your book.  my book is 4x4", so i cut a 4x4" piece of chipboard and transparency, and a 4"x.5" piece for the spine.

next, cut a piece of "additional" patterned paper to wrap around your back cover & spine.  in my case, my paper was 4.5" tall and about 4.75" wide.  i left a 1/4" margin around the outsides so i can wrap the paper around the cover, and i also left a wee bit (about 1/16") extra on the width to help the crease at the spine.

i scored this piece 1/4" from the top, bottom, and one side, and 1/2"+ a tad from the opposite side, to make it easier to wrap around the chipboard.  i cut out the squares formed by the score intersections to make a nice clean wrap.

(NOTE: in this picture i have only creased 3 of the 4 sides, because i cut my paper 1/4" too short, but if you want the clean, completely wrapped look, make sure to include that extra 1/4" on the side opposite the spine! oops!!)

and here is the back cover and spine, completed.  i used double sided tape to adhere, because i'm cheap.  i lined up the edge of the paper with the edge of the spine, and adhered the back cover along the edge of the crease at the spine.  i wrapped the overlap pieces around and since i cut 1/4" too short the side of the cover also lines up with the paper.  i fixed it a little by cutting a 4x4" piece of the AC POW! Glitter paper to cover:

next i cut a piece of patterned paper, 4" tall by 1.5" wide for the spine binding.  i scored it tall-ways at 1/2" increments, and adhered it overlapping the back cover to the crease, then the spine, and finally added my transparency, aligning it with the opposite crease to form the entire cover.  i also ended up adding a 4x1.5" piece to the inside to cover the ugly gaps in the binding.

now for the pages!  take the patterned paper you selected for the pages, cut to size - mine is 8.5"x4" - but you could make it any length by adding the width of both covers + the width of the spine.  score these sheets on the side you want facing inwards at 4" and 4.5" to make a space for the spine.  

add adhesive and layer onto the spine in the desired order.  as i said, i only used four sheets for a total of 16 pages from cover to cover.

and you're finished!  it took me about 20 minutes total to put this together and i think it will make a great Mother's Day gift for someone :)

at this point, feel free to go wild and embellish this little baby however you want!  last night i pulled out supplies from every Sampler kit since January that i still have left and started going to town on this one... i am not ready to share pictures yet, but will update this post when i do.

i hope this is helpful to you, if you have never seen anything like this somewhere else already!  don't forget this month's FANTASTIC AWESOME kit is available at Scrapbooking Supplies R Us along with the latest and greatest of everything right now!  you definitely don't want to miss this kit!!!

stay tuned for more inspiration and this month's challenges - and don't forget you still have time to get your entries in for this month's card and sketch challenges!!  thanks for stopping by today, have a beautiful weekend :)

peace, love and stickers -

shaunnaRooskie :D


  1. super cute mini. what a clever way to make a mini

  2. very cute! love everything all together!

  3. Wow, this is amazing! I am always intimidated by making my own mini album, so you can just send this right to me. :)

  4. thank you everyone :)

    Amy, definitely don't be intimidated about this one - it was SOOOOO easy and quick to make!