Thursday, April 26, 2012

fun with brads!

hi everyone!  Shaunna here, with a quick tutorial to get you ready for the blog hop tomorrow!  ;)

i am not sure if i came up with this idea on my own, or if i saw it somewhere once and remembered it, but as soon as i knew brads were involved in this month's Sampler kit, i knew that this would be the perfect tutorial for this month :)

isn't that fun?!  it would make such a cute addition to any page or card :)

DISCLAIMER:  i am sorry for (1) - my terrible pictures, since it was nighttime i didn't really have much to work with; (2) - my dirty, disgusting craft mat, which i have had for 20,000 years and LOVE.

on to the tutorial!

SUPPLIES NEEDED:  patterned paper, 5 brads of your choice, twine, star shape (optional)

1.  first, i found a chipboard star about the size and shape i wanted to use for my project.  you can also draw your own if you want :)  i made little marks on the cardstock i was using for the holes i would need to punch.

2.  (ugh this is a gross picture!)  punch holes where you marked (i just use a needle!), and put your brads into the holes.  i didn't fasten them down really tight so they would have a little leeway to allow the twine to wrap around and underneath.

3.  i took out one of the brads and threaded the twine up from underneath the cardstock, so i could hide the ends later.  then i wrapped the twine.... diagonally, i guess.... between the brads.  it is the same as drawing a quick star of this same style - top to bottom right, to left side, to right side, to bottom left, and back to top!  then pull the twine back through the original hole and replace the brad.

5. DONE!  of course at this point, you could cut out the star (like i did) to use as a fun embellishment, or you could do this directly onto the paper or page you are working on.

here is my finished shape!  it's all ready to be placed onto the project i have to share with you tomorrow during the blog hop :)  can't wait - we're going to have so much fun, and there are some REALLY GREAT PRIZES up for grabs at every stop!!!

there will be a new Sampler kit coming out soon, so keep your eyes on the Scrapbooking Supplies R Us site for that, and continue to visit this blog as we fill it up and make it our new home :)

hope y'all have a fantastic Thursday - see you tomorrow at the 'Hop!!!

peace, love and stickers - 


  1. This is so cute. You are so crafty. This is so cute that I might possibly use it for one of the baby's scrapbook pages if you don't mind. Now that the baby is here I feel inspired to scrap more. Lots of love Tanya